So I have my own studio now.....

In February of last year(2018) we moved into a new house.

One of the big selling points was that there were two out-houses in the garden.

One is a Summerhouse,and the other building had been used as a games room.

That is now my studio!

Studio shoot options.

So  now I have this wonderful space I can use it for newborn photography,classic family portraits,paint splash sessions and seasonal specials.

Newborn photography

Well,these are crazy days aren't they?!

You are in such a haze of love,awe and gratitude.

And yet you are sleep deprived and probably faced with an onslaught of visitors.

Based on my own experience,these days are a bit of a blur!

So it really is invaluable to have a professional photographer to document your precious little bundle,along with (possibly)your older child and yourselves.

I have a range of props and backdrops specifically geared up for tiny babies.

These sessions can take up to three hours(with feeding/settling/changing breaks)but are well worth doing.

I generally suggest that the newborn shoot takes place when the infant is around seven to ten days old.

Sibling and whole family photos can be included in these sessions(I have room for a family of up to five people in the current studio space)

As time goes on,you cannot possibly remember how tiny your child once was.

These are truly precious times,and having a newborn photo shoot is something which will become more and more valuable over the years to come.

Paint splash and Cake smash

Oh my days-I love these!

We can have so much fun here.

The paint splash is a fairly new concept.

I was just chatting with my daughter one evening about what I could do in the studio that would create energy and colour,and would be great fun for the little ones.

And we came up with PAINT SPLASH.

I cover the walls with white cardboard,supply tubes of paint and away we go.These are often followed by a quick galvanised tin tub wash/mini splash session|(for obvious reasons!)

A cake smash session is a little more self explanatory.

These are perfect to celebrate a first birthday.

I can supply the bunting and balloons(unless you have your own theme in mind)and also the cake,for an additional fee.

You guys just turn up with the birthday girl or boy and we all encourage the indulgent mayhem.

Studio mini shoots

I have a large selection of backdrops and props in my studio.

So these sessions can be tailored to your individual tastes.

The space isn't huge,but there's room for a family of four.

So these sessions could be booked for a baby( we will get a greater variety of images once the baby can sit up unaided)a siblings session or a nice family portrait.

I like to incorporate elements of the child's personality, into their portraits,so welcome any personal items being brought along.

I will often add some fresh flowers too.