Oh I do love a wedding!

And let me tell you why.....

A wedding has so much anticipation,hope,celebration and emotion.

It's a real privilege to be with a bride or groom from when they're getting ready in the morning,travelling together to the ceremony ,seeing their partner in the moments before the "big reveal",and of course the whole shebang of the service and celebrations afterwards. 

I always leave a wedding job feeling like a guest who has been lucky enough to not miss a moment. 

I do get a few wedding bookings which are pretty much just a short,intimate service,followed by a few group shots afterwards. 

But even with those,I make sure that I meet the couple before the big day. It helps me to get a feel for their unique relationship and fully understand what they are looking for in their wedding photography.

I got married myself last year,and it's true that the day flies by in the blink of an eye!

My wedding photography is normally a combination of classic shots.(trust me,even if you think you don't want anything remotely formal,you will regret not having those kind of shots to give to parents,or for future generations to see as the historical record of the union) plus a whole beautiful collection of candid moments that you cant possibly have the chance to witness on the day.

There is just so much beauty and love in a wedding that it's difficult to not get great pictures.

Oh and I am not joking when I say that I may shed a tear-but don't worry,you definitely won't be looking at me at that point!

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